It appears the Green Claims department at Highways England is not managed and struggling.   The ‘Green Claims’ team handle those claims the Authority makes against drivers who cause damage to the Strategic Road Network (SRN).  As opposed to Red Claims, which are where drivers make a claim against Highways England.

An example of a Green Claim is where a driver, fleet or haulier hits a barrier which is then attended upon and repaired by Highways England’s contractor who submits a bill to the Authority.  To date, we have not seen one correctly priced invoice paid by the Authority – but this is hardly surprising; it is too expensive to check the bill pre-payment!

Is it any wonder the Authority struggles to obtain payment from these Third Parties or their insurers, that the recovery rate is £1 in every £5.  

Some of the Green Claim issues are:

  • pursuing recovery of public money paid to contractors without thought
  • no prices agreed between the Authority and its contractors for works – apparently, a price list has been overlooked on every contract since 2012
  • an inability to obtain information from these contractors
  • a backlog of claims to 2014

The Authority admitted (10/2019) they need to purse the settlement of older matters; there has been a slowing of settled claims creating a sizeable a backlog of outstanding claims and monies owed to Highways England.

What is the extent of these problems? Read more here


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