200713 Unreliable Kier Highways Records

13/07/2020 Having recently written that Kier Highways and/or Highways England are routinely providing less information to insurers, possibly here is one reason why … an extract from our letter to the Authority (X02A607):

Loss date: 31/07/2017 Area: 6&8

Thank you for your email of 10/07/2020.

We were instructed 18 months ago and from outset noted overstatement. It beggars belief Kier, Highways England or Knights solicitors failed to identify this, that you rubber-stamped the contractor’s invoice for payment of just over £13,000 and demanded same without verifying the costs. Sub-£25,000 we understand you do not trouble to reconcile the invoice pre-payment, it is too expensive to carry out such a check. Instead, invoices that we have explained are routinely incorrect, commonly exaggerated are paid from the public purse and placed before drivers, fleets, hauliers of their insurers who are expected to pay-up or expect proceedings. You routinely withhold information from those who require it.

Rather than address the issue and re-price, we were subjected to prevarication and subsequently, Knights solicitors were involved, threatening proceedings. You claimed a further £2,000 in interest. It would likely still be the case Knights were seeking the overstated sum had we not explained either they had not read the file or you had withheld information – we have paid £5000, what we believe the reasonable cost should be. The claim value, now less than £10,000, Knights sent the file back to you.

We pressed our concerns and ultimately they were taken on board – we were not wrong; there was an obvious, blatant overstatement, as we explained from the outset.

1. We await the operative’s DTCS and
2. All DAS records, in particular those for the assets whose charges have been halved

Despite not possessing time sheets for labour we identified the 12 hour association of various parties with this claim was an overstatement. Kier documentation in support of the claim displayed:

the number of hours and associated costs:

However, whilst the spreadsheet of costs, which we still await in xlsx format (the document bears this Excel file format name), displays the above costs, not one DAS (daily allocation sheet) we have been provided to date displays the VRMs.  Not only have operatives and plant been assigned to the claim for excessive periods, but evidence of their association has also been withheld.

Kier Highways has now halved the above hours and many more advising:

 ‘there did appear to be an over calculation for TM, they should only be charging for 6 hours and this has therefore been deducted from the costs.’

 Kier correspondence conveying assets being associated with the subject incident for 12 hours, misrepresents the facts and cannot be relied upon.