The ICO – Fit for Purpose?

  • 07/2020: Moss vs. ICO

When the First-tier Tribunal decides an information rights appeal and finds in favour of the requestor, who has the responsibility for enforcing any non-compliance with that judgment? Is it the FTT, or is the Information Commissioner? In an interesting judgment of Judge Jacobs in Moss v Information Commissioner & Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames [2020] UKUT 174 (AAC), the Upper Tribunal has held that it is the FTT.

Judgement here: –GIA_1940_2018 Moss Judgement

  • Section 77 FoIA 2000

12/11/2019 Tribunal hearing, Appeal No.  EA/2019/0119

GC 19599 – cost breakdown document

Further reading:

20 years on and just one successful prosecution under s.77 by the ICO – likely because a confession was provided!