Smart Motorways FoIA Process & Requests

These requests are principally from the publicly available, free to use WhatDoTheyKnow (WDTK) service at which, following a simple registration process (here), anyone can make a request of Public Authorities, such as:

Click on the above to be taken to the relevant Authority.  The WDTK site

  • alerts you to due dates for responses
  • notifies you of replies received
  • provides a template for submission of an internal review
  • assists with reporting to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

The site also provides a search facility to review requests made and responses provided. 


  • after 20 working days, you should receive a response to your request.  If not, you may wish to:
    • report the breach to the ICO either by referring the ICO to the WDTK entry, emailing (click here) or submitting a complaint form –    and:
    • via WDTK, request a review or 
    • if the response is lacking or requires clarification, a review can be requested of the response – note this may be treated as a new request
  • Similarly, after a further 20 working days, if you have not received the review, the ICO can be notified using the above methods.  Whilst the ICO may advise the Authority has longer to respond, they will likely send a notification to the Authority.

The Information Commissioner’s Office may refuse any requests for intervention if there is a delay submitting a complaint to them.  Therefore, it is suggested you act promptly: Unless the ICO is advised of tardy responses, failures to comply with the law, they will be unable to act and ensure Authorities do comply (example of non-compliance).   Highways England may provide erroneous, false information, delay responses and utilise exemptions unnecessarily, onerously.