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Claim Costs & Concerns

‘Smart Motorway’ Roll-Out Suspended

Work on motorways that are missing the customary hard shoulder will be suspended, the government has confirmed.  The families of people killed on smart motorways are said to have welcomed a Government decision to pause their rollout over safety concerns (Express). ‘The government’s decision comes in light of a House of Commons Transport Select Committee report, […]

National Highways Blame Insurers for Process Failure

First it was Kier Highways claiming that their 10/2015 profiteering process was agreed with insurers.  One company they named denied any knowledge of such an arrangement. Then, 06/2019, having launched their  ‘NSoRC’ (National Schedule of Repair Costs), the process failed and was abandoned 31/10/2019.  The NSoRC was to be it; “In a sense it’s not […]

Birmingham City Council Contradictions

Birmingham City Council (BCC) and their road fiasco continues after the termination of Amey’s contract and appointment of Kier Highways (Kier). Concerns about BCC and Kier’s conduct when billing for damage-repairs to highways stem from an FoIA response in 2020; the response said Kier were not using their high schedule of rates to bill Third Parties, […]

National Highways Ltd Banking in Boulton?

NATIONAL HIGHWAYS LIMITED Registration Number 09346363 Registered Office BRIDGE HOUSE, 1 WALNUT TREE CLOSE, GUILDFORD, DOWN SOUTH. Known for their lack of attention to detail and failure to check documentation, it appears reasonable to believe ‘National’ Highways are actually banking in Bolton, a large town in Greater Manchester in North West England, historically and traditionally […]

Highways Authority Defies the ICO Refusing to Release Information

National Highways has refused to comply with the ICO’s Decision Notice and is withholding Third Party charging information they were directed to disclose, appealing the ICO’s decision such that, in the meantime, they are not required to disclose what is held by their contractor.  For years, the Authority failed those they were to serve and […]

Attempts to keep KPMG’s ‘Project Verde’ Report Secret

It seemed a simple request; to be provided a copy of KPMG’s ‘Project Verde’ report about Kier Highways profiteering from the privileged position in which Highways England had placed them; the overcharging of drivers, fleets, hauliers or their insurers (Third Parties). After all, it was our concerns that gave rise to the investigation, were of […]