National Highways

‘National Highways’ (NH) the 2021 £7million rebrand of Highways England, prior to 2015, the Highways Agency.

  1. 08/2020 – Cardiff Court records Kier has agreed rates with NH (line 6iv) and Kier could not find authority within the contract for uplifts applied to TP claims (line 36).
  2. 03/2022 – KPMG information Tribunal Appeal – it appears National Highways has misled the First Tier Tribunal
  3. 04/2022 – The timeline – NH gaming the FoIA to avoid providing rates in ‘source workbooks’ utilized by Kier Highways between 2016 & 2018, relevant to the Cardiff Court claims hearing in 2020.
    1. ICO supported our ‘held on behalf of’ arguments
    2. NH appealed and then withdrew this but:
    3. NH appears to have sought the information and retained it, until the ICO and we submitted arguments the information was held by Kier on behalf of NH
    4. We raise concerns about NH’s conduct – registered users read more here.
    5. FoIA for related information & copy on this site.