31/10/2019 Highways England reports:

‘We do not have schedules of rates for the unplanned/emergency repairs specified in those contracts’.

This is incorrect – the Authority does have schedules of rates

‘This lack of transparency led to concerns in the insurance industry that drivers and insurers were not being correctly charged for repairs’.

This is incorrect – it is not this lack of transparency that led to concerns about charges.  

The issue has not been the absence of a set of rates but:

  1. the rates used to bill the Authority should be those used to bill Third Parties, but is not.
  2. The Authority’s failure to ensure this commonality of rates
  3. the Authority’s failure to enforce the contractually agreed process that sets out there is to be a commonality of rates

All Highways England need do is instruct their contractors to apply the rates used to bill the Authority.  But if they were to do this, the contractors would miss out on £millionsin exaggeration and fraudulently obtained funds form drivers, fleets, insurers or their insurers.

The NSoRC was not required.  The taxpayers monies put to the establishment of the new methodology and  schedule of rates was further squandering, a waste designed to assist excessive charges to continue, convince Third-Parties there was no schedule, to divert attention from the current process and 


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