Management or Supervision or Administration Duties

£662.25 Management or Supervision or Administration Duties

Administration charges have been averaged by many contractors for years and the costs applied to each claim.

  • How has the new process taken this into consideration and prevented overcharging in particular for incidents pre-dating 24/06/2019?
  • How has the sum been arrived at; by averaging or application of hours? The breakdown/rates will assist us to understand this
  • If averaged, upon what figures has this been based
  • What allowance has been made for culprit unidentified incidents
  • Is the rate charged to be applied as a set fee, pro-rata for the time associated or to mirror the time allocated to other aspects, for example, the repair period?
  • If not a fixed fee, what is the logic of this and how are we to verify the application?
  • Why is it considered admin’ charges, in particular, those associated with collating information and seeking recovery are a valid head of claim.

Reactive Rates

  • In what circumstances will this charge ever be at the ‘reactive’ rate?

The cost appears to be applied in relation to office staff, people who are employed to work ‘9 to 5’ weekdays. An increase in incidents may give rise to an increase is staff but in turn, their cost will be addressed by an increase in the number of incidents invoiced.

  • how is this administration charge affected such that ‘reactive’ rates are applied and
  • why is the sum doubled?