Make Safe and Restore Traffic Flow

£1,601.59 Make Safe and Restore Traffic Flow

We have written to the Authority:

It is common for attendance and make-safe to involve 2 AIW / ISU operatives in a van with minimal involvement of an NCC operator. How do the rates take into consideration:

  • Circumstances where only one operative attends
  • The involvement of AIW and if so, ‘full’ or ‘assistant’
  • Provision of CCTV; the charge for an NCC operative indicating the incident was viewed on a monitor i.e. captured by CCTV
  • Please explain how and why this charge has increased from the original rate of £1,474.00
  • Why is this charge considered a valid head of claim; the operatives are employed by the contractor to perform many tasks such as grass cutting, pot-hole filling and litter-picking. They give rise to no additional cost when an incident occurs. These are emergencies, not unexpected events.

We also understand a component included within the cost is that of a sweeper and presumably the operator of this.  We seldom encounter these slow-moving items of plant associated with initial attendance.  Please:

  • Explain the inclusion of these components
  • Explain the inclusion of these components and advise:
  • The type of vehicle described as a ‘sweeper’ and
  • How they attend the location

Kier Highways:

Kier has, for years, charged an extra hour for each of their AIW’s i.e. 2 hours for ‘incident planning’.  While the charge should have been addressed by the TPCO (Third Party Claims Overhead), a percentage, it has consistently been presented as a cost.  To date, Kier has never provided evidence for this charge and we suspect it is non-existent, there is no such work undertaken.

However, noting the charge on a Highways England claim (Our Ref: X07B860), we asked:

Q. Please supply their planning report/notes etc.

Kier responded to the Authority:

A. Apologies I’m afraid I can’t find the AIW’s repair pack as it was completed so long ago.

It appears there is a ‘pack’.  Or are Highways England being misled too?