Image Tampering – why?

From 08/02/2020 post ‘Altered Images‘ (CMA ref: X01A304)

The hairpin bend at Clay Mills slip road (North), Burton-on-Trent, is the subject of numerous collisions.  Enquires identified events on the following dates: 

  1. 22/11/2016 (25677)
  2. 09/03/2017 (29199)
  3. 20/03/2017 (29640)  

It appears that all 3 incidents were the subject of repair 05/04/2017.  Not an issue if the charges were shared between the 3 claims/events.  But were they?  

Enquiries indicate someone has tampered with an image associated with the 22/11/2016 incident, that they have removed the date imprinted by the camera.  Why would they do this …  to hide the actual date of repair and make a separate (duplicate) charge for the works?

Highways England have, to date failed to act, seemingly not even understanding that the image has clearly been altered!  The evidence is straightforward: 

An image purporting to be for the 22/11/2016 (‘A’) repair indicates it was taken with KODAK Digital Still Camera, KODAK PIXPRO AZ651, at:  

05/04/2017   9:50:13 AM (timezone not specified)

This is 4 months after the collision, since which 2 further incidents have occurred at the location (‘B’ & ‘C’ above). The repair image produced for the 11/2016 collision, was taken on a bright day, plenty of greenery (for the time of year) without a date-stamp on the picture which is copied here: 

Image A below, for 12/11/2016 (25677 completed):
Image B below, was produced in support of the repairs following the 09/03/2017 (‘B’) incident.  The picture itself bears the date stamp 05/04/2017.  The image data reinforces this as accurate, it too was taken with a KODAK Digital Still Camera, KODAK PIXPRO AZ651, April 5, 2017 9:50:23AM (timezone not specified)

Image C (29640 completed) below, produced in support of the repairs following the 20/03/2017 (‘C’) incident also bears the date stamp 05/04/2017. The image data reinforces this as accurate, it was taken with a KODAK Digital Still Camera, KODAK PIXPRO AZ651, April 5, 2017 9:50:55AM (timezone not specified).

And aside from the image data uncovered, whilst not experts on the troposphere, the cloud formations in all 3 images look very familiar!  And is that spring greenery we see (in November 2016)?

It appears the image in support of the repair following the 20/11/2016 incident has been cropped to remove the 05/04/2017 date.

  • Why?

Was this undertaken so as not to alert the recipient to the lateness of the repair or to avoid an admission 3 repairs were undertaken in 04/2017 – and the resultant costs should have been shared?

We raised the issue with Green Claims at Highways England 03/2019.  We remain without explanation.  

In the meantime, with regard to another matter at the location, 02/06/2018 (X01A304) – enquiries are ongoing.  We have been trying to ascertain whether the restoration following the 06/2018 incident included works relating to a previous collision at the location. 

Whilst repeatedly assured of information, this has not been forthcoming. Instead, the Authority via their lawyer, Knights Plc., went on the attack, once again engaging intimidating conduct, writing:

‘Your allegation that images in this claim have been tampered with

Again, you have provided no evidence in support of this.
Our client reserves all rights against you in relation to these unfounded and defamatory comments.’

We have most certainly provided evidence, or comments are founded, correct.  Once again, it is apparent the Authority seeks to attack, to bully.