24/09/2019 – the 3 month anniversary of the ‘Introduction of a National Schedule ORepair Costs for network damage (Green Claims)’.

We await Highways England’s review of the operation of NSORC to address any concerns, errors or inconsistencies. Judging by the number of enquiries we have received about Highways England’s new process and some of the comments made about ‘NSORC’ it is evident there is a lack of understanding and concerns about the process. 3 months and 3 versions, it would not surprise us if they went back to the drawing-board.

The question we first raised and which no one has yet addressed is…

Why bother? You have a perfectly good process. An obvious answer is that the current methodology, in operation since 2014, was not complied with by contractors insofar as Third Parties are concerned and not enforced by the Authority. Third Parties have been overcharged for years on 1,000’s of claims. The contractually agreed process was not complied with from day-one by contractors. The methodology setting out how a Third Party was to be charged (a maximum uplift) was kept secret and ignored by the Authority. Read more …


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