In response to our factual statement ‘images have been tampered with‘, Highways England’s response is once again staggering.  It appears they are either unable to address the simplest of allegations or consider the public beneath them, to be treated with contempt.

That images have been altered is obvious:

  • someone has trimmed the date from the image
  • if the embedded data could not be located, the common cloud formation and foliage speaks volumes

If there is an innocent explanation, it is clearly going to be withheld as the Authority has responded to our concerns:   

I have now received a further response from Kier Highways Ltd regarding the concerns you have raised on image tampering.
I have been informed that all photographs submitted by Kier as proof of damage and rectification works are original images.
They state that they would not, nor have the ability to, alter any photographic images relating to damage or repair work.

Alex Bingham
Lawyer | Operations and Legislation Team | General Counsel’s Office
Highways England | Bridge House | 1 Walnut Tree Close | Guildford | Surrey | GU1 4LZ


  1. The images are NOT original, this is obvious
  2. Whilst Kier may state THEY would not alter the image, this doe not address the subject of who did; Highways England?
  3. That Kier does not have the ability to alter any photographic image is ridiculous

A 10-year old could likely alter a photographic image!  There are plentiful free programs with which to manipulate (alter) images, readily available online if not supplied on a PC.  ‘Cropping’ could likely be done on the phone with which they are taken using the supplied software.  If Kier does not have the ability to operate such programs possibly questions should be asked about their responsibility for our highways?

Or possibly Highways England should think before they write … but facts and accuracy appear alien to this Authority. 

We have requested our complaint be escalated, handled by someone familiar with the modern age. 



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