Highways England Unable to Elicit Information From Contractors?

If you cause damage to the road network, such as a barrier, you can expect to receive a bill for the attendance, repair and administration.  But

  1. how much should you be charged and
  2. is the bill correct?

The answer to ‘1’ is ‘how long is a piece of string’ and to ‘2’ … unlikely!

The principal issues facing the Public Authority responsible for £billions in public funds, that “turns over £300,000 an hour in service sector prices or works”* appear to be:

  • pursuing recovery of public money paid to contractors without thought
  • no prices agreed between the Authority and its contractors for works – apparently, a price list has been overlooked on every contract since 2012
  • an inability to obtain information from these contractors
  • a backlog of claims to 2014


*Jim O’Sullivan Highways England CEO 02/2019