Highways England have refused to provide information relating to their CEO’s 11/2016 statement that a ‘lot of effort’ was being put into ensuring drivers only pay appropriately for the damage they cause to Crown property.

The effort associated with DCP (damage to Crown property) rates, was seemingly insufficient for ‘Tim’ and ‘Nick’ to ascertain none of the ASC (contracts) had a schedule of DCP rates. In turn, that the contractually agreed process for charging a Third Party ‘no more than’ DCP Rate + uplift could not be verified (in the absence of a set of rates) and was not being complied with.

Just what the ‘reconciliation’ involved is, as yet, unknown.

Also in 2016, the head of the Public Authority was sure the (2016) process could be simpler, yet despite our writings in 05/2017, a separate investigation commencing 06/2017 involving KPMG 11/2017, the only change appears to have occurred ‘post-Carney’ i.e. after 11/2018 when Patrick Carney of Highways England stated ‘DCP Rates are not commercially sensitive’ after this (correspondence, investigations, complaints and 175 request for the rates – 118 from others) the Authority has apparently discovered there is no schedule of rates!

The Authority has also refused to explain the basis upon which they have instructed lawyers, Corclaim to handle DCP matters, coincidentally, the same lawyers Kier Highways appointed at, or about, 03/2016 – lawyers the Authority could seemingly not control!  It does not appear lawyers Shakespeare Martineau were panel solicitors but due-diligence information has also been refused.

FoIA Request & Response can be found here



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