The Office of Rail & Road April 2016:

This study aims to understand the capacity constraints within Highways England’s (HE) supply chain which could influence deliverability of the first Road Investment Strategy (RIS1) (2015/16 –2019/20).

The Office of Rail and Road (ORR) commissioned Credo Business Consulting LLP to undertake a fieldwork study with representatives of HE’s supply chain, capturing input from across all tiers of supplier and a range of specialisms. The study focuses on suppliers’ capacity, capability and readiness to deliver the first RIS, and also considers a high-level view of the concurrent demand on suppliers from key infrastructure clients in adjacent industries (including local roads, rail and nuclear).

The study sets out key areas of supply-chain related risk, and provides a top-level forecast of demand in terms of people, plant and materials. Beyond this, it considers suppliers’ views on relationships with HE and the company’s approach to managing the RIS portfolio, and suggests how HE and ORR should work to establish an ongoing approach to monitor progress of the RIS.

The study can be found on the ORR site by clicking HERE, alternatively the reports can be found here:



Construction Enquirer reported:

“The road and rail regulator has raised concerns about Highways England’s ability to deliver its new direct contracting model being rolled out for roads maintenance in the East Midlands.”

The article can be found by clicking HERE


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