Leakage – Highways England (HE) / National Highways (NH) Payment of Costs Not Required &/or Not Necessarily Incurred

We have, over the years, raised a number of issues with the Authority about claims leakage.  That they rubber-stamp contractor repair invoices for payment will obviously lead to problems. The Authority believes it is ‘too expensive to reconcile sub £25,000 bills’, a troubling approach.  It appears insurers, or their representatives, are expected to undertake the auditing – but with their hands tied; provided scant information, relevant detail being withheld.  The impression received is that the conduct is a tacitly agreed process … drivers, fleets, hauliers or their insurers will pay and if not … the public purse is large, capable of absorbing £millions in wastage. But has the behaviour compromised HE/NH such that they are now ineffective, impotent; the tail wags the dog?

One area of concern is that of charges for ‘temporary Vehicle Restraint Systems’ (temp’ VRS) costs that run into £1,000’s and can exceed the cost of the repair!  These are often (always by some contractors?) exaggerated yet paid in full by National Highways.  Drivers, fleets, hauliers or their insures (Third Parties) should NOT be meeting the sums presented without understanding the process and ensuring it has been complied with.  It appears the Authority is unaware of the ‘rules’!

National Highways is being overcharged £millions and expecting Third Parties to repay the monies, is reckless, wrong.

08/09/2021 we invited Highways England’s comment and assurance they will review the situation …no reply.

Read more about temp’ VRS here.


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