Highways England Time-Line 2020


01/2020 Kier Highways 7th Approach to DCP Rates – 
There should only have been one process in Area 9 since 07/2014
20/01/2020  To Highways England re Areas 6, 8 & 9 Rates
We chase a response to ‘State Enabled Exaggeration & Fraud on an Industrial Scale – Kier Highways / Areas 6, 8 & 9 Rates’ – relates to non-response to 2019 issues raised (linked) this follows on from:
25/02/2020  To Highways England
Kier Highways Ltd (‘Kier’) continue to utilise a contract non-complaint process when pursuing Third Parties for the costs associated with incident attendance and reinstatement of damaged Crown property – chase response.
16/03/2020 Highways England respond 
to Kier Exaggeration & Fraud allegations – no action to be taken other than Kier are authorised to adopt a new process that sees even greater uplifts.
08/2020 Cardiff Court Judgement – Kier acting outside their authority
Highways England’s own expert witness states their claimed ‘sums too high’ and Judge supports Insurer presented rates.  A copy of the Judgement was provided to us 02/10/2020
Jim O’Sullivan resigns from his £456,727 job as CEO of Highways England – after a 2018 inflation-busting £54,000 pay rise (source)
24/08/2020 Highways England’s £3million contract with Kier Highways lawyers
Despite their appalling defeat at Cardiff County Court (above), Corrclaim, a.k.a. Shakespeare Martineau solicitors (‘profiting from claims’) are awarded Highways England’s £3 million contracts to address their inability to settle claims and losses. ‘Coincidentally’ the lawyers are also Kier Highways.  No conflict? 
02/10/2020 We are supplied with a copy of the Cardiff Court judgement – the re-pricing, reductions on claims, commences. 
10/2020 Irrational Highways:  having only recently completed the updating of signage from its last name change in April 2015, the government is planning to spend an estimated £7m to rebrand Highways England as National Highways, just five years after its last multimillion-pound rebranding.  Read more here.

The DafT declined to comment.

09/10/2020 FoIA request for ‘contractually agreed rates for repairs over £10,000‘ stated to exist in Kier/Highways England contracts as evidenced by the Cardiff Judgement (08/2020):
  • Para. 6(iv): ‘For repairs valued in excess of £10,000 Highways England are charged by Kier using contractually agreed rates’:
04/11/2020 To Highways England’s Alex Bingham about reimbursement of unauthorised payments.
06/11/2020 to the ICO about the pain/gain share U-turn information – is there or isn’t there and how has a decision been reached? 
18/11/2020 ICO DN re Shakespeare Martineau information and Jim, Tim & Nick’s ‘lot of effort’ to look at (non-existent) costs.  Highways England – Request Not Vexatious (again), Info’ Not Held (again) Breach of FoIA (again)
19/11/2020 Appeal: