FoIA AOne+ Area 12’s 24/06/2019 New Schedule of DCP Rates

07/09/2019 – AOne+ Area 12 24/06/2019 New Schedule of DCP Rates

Failure to elicit information from AOne+ has given rise for the need to approach Highway England directly about AOne+’s new schedule of rates that see substantial increases to Third Parties – and in turn, should see the same uplifts to Highways Englan; why would the Authority agree to pay these form the public purse … are they?

Dear Highways England Company Limited,

24/06/2109, Highways England introduced version 1 of their ‘national schedule of repair costs for network damage (Green Claims)’. The date the new schedule is to be applied in Area 12 has yet to be confirmed see:…
However, effective for all claims ‘invoiced’ 24/06/2019, AOne+ produced revised rates for the Area 12 ASC. A copy can be found here…
The Area 12 contract includes Appendix A to Annex 23 a copy of which can be found here…
I ask to be provided all information relating to the increases, AOne+’s new schedule. This will include, but not be restricted to:

1. Your involvement with same – all correspondence to and from AOne+
2. The relationship between your new process and AONe’s increases the same day
3. How the rates and increases:
a. have been arrived at and
b. are considered and agreed as contract complaint
4. Why ‘management resources’:
a. have changed from a defined cost (per person hourly rate) to a fixed fee subject to the ‘incident value’ and:
b. How this is contract complaint
5. How the ‘management resources’ fees, that can see a Third Party charged up to £5,000 (half the threshold value), were calculated and agreed.

Your new schedule of rates sees ‘Management or Supervision or Administration Duties’ charged at £662.25 to a maximum of £1,324.51 for claims up to £20,000; figures apparently the result of rate comparison and averaging. AOne+ are seeking up to 4-times this for sub-£10,000 claims.

Please provide:

6. The agreement for AOne+’s increase to be backdated i.e. applied to incidents pre-24/06/2019
7. Confirmation Highways England are now subject to the same rates or, in the alternative, please provide;
a. the schedule of DCP Rates charged to you
8. The agreement (sign off) of the rates
9. All queries about and amendments to the contract and exchanges about this to include the sign-off
Please confirm:
10. whether Management Resources’ are considered and presented as a ‘defined cost’ or addressed in the ‘Third-party Claims Overhead’ (TPCO) and
11. whether ‘incident value’ is the sum of ‘defined costs’, ‘defined costs plus TPCO’ or another total
12. whether or not the charge for ‘Management Resources’ is inclusive of the TPCO
13. the TPCO percentage uplift in Area 12 for the past 3 years
14. the ‘fee’ uplift percentage to Highway England in Area 12 for the past 3 years
It appears, subject to how ‘Management Resources’ are treated and what is included within ‘incident cost’, this addition will cause incident costs above £6,751 (to which is added £3250) to exceed the £10,000 threshold.
Please explain
15. the application of the process and how the threshold has not effectively been lowered and
16. How the process is contract complaint and
17. The basis upon which this was agreed with Highway England; why a substantial increase in charges is to be paid from the public purse.
18. If ‘Management Resources’ ARE a defined cost, please provide the breakdown of the rates comprising the totals now charged to Third Parties and Highways England.
19. If ‘Management Resources’ are NOT a defined cost, the charge is incorporated in the TPCO. How does the charge not represent a duplication?

Please quote my reference 09/2019A in all responses

07/09/2019 – Authority automated acknowledgement via site.