Do Highways England have any regard for the public purse, tax payers money?  Claims by contractors are:

  • paid without thought
  • overstated
  • subject to an agreement that prevents reimbursement of overpayment

What agreement was entered into that prevents a contractor reimbursing miscalculated, over-egged bills?

In one claim we explained, if the works concluded January 9th, we would not expect to see Traffic Management engaged and charged 2 days later!  The response by the Authority and their lawyers:

‘there is a full shift of TM ops and plant for [11th Jan’) charged that never should have been paid as the work was completed on [9th Jan’]

Why would a contractor trouble to check their bills; they are rubber-stamped for payment by Highways England and to quote the Authority:

‘Due to agreements we’re unable to get that credited or adjusted’.

As for another query raised, the response was as damning:

In all honesty, not a clue, whatever it is very likely has nothing to do with the repair, as white collar staff [contractor] are contractually allowed to ‘spread book’ and we can’t question it (I have made the same point about us not being a MAC myself and it’s just a case of “it’s white collar”). It’s an ongoing issue & another case of having to make adjustments”

The £7,000 claim was settled as less than £5,000 – the overstatement exceeded 40%.

Expect inaccuracy on every Highways England claim.  Obtain all documentation.

30/03/2021 – We sought clarification of the above behaviour by use of the FoIA ‘‘Spread Book’ with regard to DCP Works’

04/05/2021 – The Authority, having failed to respond in accordance with the law (20 working days) we presented the matter to the ICO.



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