Exaggeration & Misrepresentation of Multipliers / Uplifts

2020 – As Kier present their latest charging methodology for Third Parties (drivers, fleets, hauliers or their insurers) following Damage to Crown Property (DCP) so we highlight the abuses arising from their 10/2015 process that saw gross exaggeration on an industrial scale, conduct enabled by Highways England.

To justify their billing since 10/215, Kier Highways produced a document, ‘An Insurer’s Guide to
Incident Management & Claims Recovery’.  Version 2 was produced in part because Kier confused themselves with their deceptive conduct and allocated a 2.5x multiplier of a weekend which they amended to 2x.  This type of error can arise when you are falsifying your costs!

The document, which can be read by clicking on the above image, was produced 26/02/2016, the ‘document control’ page confirming this: 

Kier documented the application fo the uplifts (page 4, page 10 of the pdf) with text:and a table setting out the multipliers ‘an incident will incur’

However, the multipliers were not incurred by Kier, they were not a cost to the company.  Contrary to statements made by Kier, the uplifts were NOT paid to their employees, the AIW’s – Asset Incident Watchmen.