27/03/2019: from Tim Reardon, Highways England’s General Council, emailed :

In Area 9, Kier have withheld bringing new DCP claims since January this year. Those outstanding claims will be taken forward on the basis of the new schedule of repair costs. (full exchange here)

This is incorrect.

26/06/2019:  Highways England emailed :

Kier have initially agreed to temporarily hold all new claims since January 2019 and to apply the National Schedule of Repair Costs to those claims.’

Yet we have been presented a 21/05/2019 invoice for a 12/03/2019 Area 9 incident using the 10/2015 process (X09C587).

Reports of damage to ‘street furniture’ such as barriers are generally made promptly, with same-day attendance by Highways England contractors. Not so in this case …

  • 12/03/2019 the incident occurred
  • 19/03/2019 a week later, Kier attended upon the damage:
  • 21/05/2019 Kier issued their invoice using their contract non-compliant process

There are further concerns – anomalies arise from a simple VRM irregularity to an image taken 2 hours before the AIW’s arrive.  Then there are the customary charges for ‘planning’# that are met by the uplift (25.29%) applied i.e.e duplication and Kier’s standard failure to comply with the contractually agreed process, an equation that is to produce the ‘maximum’ a Third Party is to be charged.  This claim is one of likely 15,000+ invoices raised since 2014 that sees contract non-compliance.  To read more, click here


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