CECA have no Documentation to Support the Kier TM Materials Descriptions or Hire Rates

Kier Highways explain how they utilise CECA rates and much of their correspondence refers to CECA, for example:

But as the associated rates (see below) for Traffic Management Materials’ are not, as they convey, CECA rates, from where have the figures been obtained and why are Kier presenting them as though CECA (Hire Rate)?

Extract of our email to CECA:

‘We have noted Kier Highways Ltd. (‘Kier’) cite CECA in their KSoR annex (Kier Schedule of Repair Costs) when billing Third Parties (drivers, fleets, hauliers or their insurers) when repairing damage to the road or ‘street furniture’ under contract with an Authority. A copy of the KSoR Annex is attached.
However, regarding ‘Traffic Management Materials’ whilst Kier once again cite CECA in the attached ‘Kier TM KSoR charges materials’ we have not noted reference to the ‘descriptions’ presented. Please could you direct us to the volume conveying the attached TM rates; that displays them and the breakdown.’

16/06/2021 CECA response:

‘I have reviewed the Traffic Management Materials list (Kier-TM-KSoR-Charges_Materials) and have to advise you that CECA have no documentation to support any of the descriptions or Hire Rates.
I have no idea where they have come from – certainly not CECA.’

But we noted a second schedule, an extract from which also displays ‘CECA’ (‘CECA Pricing’):

We returned to CECA:

‘These rates are appearing upon claim files as ‘CECA’, often accompanied by the KSoR’ bearing CECA and your logo.
I have a further current example (our ref. Z07B942), a copy of which is attached – ‘doc7’.
I have attached a separate document conveying the information that may be a little easier on the eye ‘CECA TM Rates’ which, once again, is headed ‘CECA rates’ but to which I find no reference in the CECA figures – do these
They are clearly headed CECA rates – do the attached look more familiar, do you have any documentation to support any of the descriptions or Hire Rates.’

17/06/2021 CECA response:

‘I can only reiterate my earlier comments – the codes, descriptions and pricing shown on the attached documents have not come from or been produced by CECA.
As stated previously, I am at a complete loss as to whether they might have come from!’

It is not currently known on what basis the schedules were prepared by Kier Highways, by whom or why Kier are citing ‘CECA Pricing’ when CECA have not been involved in any of the documentation mentioned!