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‘Smart Motorway’ Roll-Out Suspended

Work on motorways that are missing the customary hard shoulder will be suspended, the government has confirmed.  The families of people killed on smart motorways are said to have welcomed a Government decision to pause their rollout over safety concerns (Express). ‘The government’s decision comes in light of a House of Commons Transport Select Committee report, […]

Smart Motorways ‘Follow the Money’

Smart Motorways ‘ ‘Follow the Money[1]’ Why do motorways (as opposed to ‘minor’ roads) have ‘hard shoulders’? Why are refuges required on ‘smart’ motorways? Motorway design has incorporated a safe (or safer) place to stop for decades.  Is there any doubt these shelters are required; provide protection, safety, a primary concern for Highways England … […]

Smart motorways are “too complicated for people to use”

The old story… you make something idiot-proof and … they invent a better idiot? The same day Nottinghamshire Live called on the Government to stop building any more smart motorways until major concerns about their safety are properly addressed, the CEO of Highways England is reported to have told the Commons Transport Select Committee (source […]