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Bad News! CMA are Instructed

16/06/2021 FoIA release.  Highways England’s email to their contractor, Kier Highways Ltd.: Possibly the time to seek explanations from the contractor was BEFORE paying the £66,000+ bill from the public purse? But, as with many cases involving Highways England, the concerns were not addressed, matters dragged on, the Authority seemingly unable to obtain explanations from […]

Kier Rates: ‘Codes, Descriptions & Pricing are Not CECA’

When presented Kier’s schedule of costs for ‘Traffic Management Materials’ displaying reference to CECA, the Civil Engineering Contractors Association explained: ‘the codes, descriptions and pricing shown on the attached documents have not come from or been produced by CECA‘ and were ‘at a complete loss as to whether they might have come from!‘ To review […]

210622 – ICO Directs Birmingham City Council to Address an FoIA Request

Case Reference: IC-109653-H1M0 Freedom of Information Act 2000 Birmingham City Council reference: 21653889 Date of request: 15 April 2021 Dear Mr Swift, Thank you for your correspondence of 21 June 2021. I write concerning your complaint about the failure by Birmingham City Council to respond to the following information request: “If Kier is utilising CECA/KSoR rates, […]

Extend the Freedom of Information Act to Companies Awarded Government Contracts

Stop this process diluting the FoIA, Amend the Freedom of Information Act to cover information held by government contractors providing public goods and services such as those that manage our roads. Private companies like Amey, Balfour Beatty and Kier Highways receive millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money, but because they’re not subject to FOI we cannot […]

Highways England’s Mishandling of Claims

Since 2012, Highways England’s contractors have, to an extent, been operating below the radar; retaining ‘small claims’ recoveries, the sub-£10,000 costs for attendance and restoration following collisions, spills and fires – ‘DCP’ (damage to Crown property) matters.  1,000’s of claims were managed by Kier Highways and Balfour Beatty Mott MacDonald (BBMM) who charged drivers, fleets, […]

It is Official, the ICO states ‘DCP rates exist for Area 9’

We have long evidenced Kier Highways and Highways England acting in concert to charge Third Parties (drivers, fleets, hauliers or their insurers), contract non-complaint rates; making exaggerated claims utilising a contract non-compliant price list – a set of high DCP (Damage to Crown Property) rates.  Kier did so by engaging a contract non-complaint process, assisted […]

Kier Highways ‘Commercially Sensitive’ Rates Exposed

Birmingham City Council have engaged the ‘misrepresenting claim costs and recoveries‘ contractor Kier Highways after the fiasco involving Amey. The council explained in response to an FoIA request: Kier Highways applies for payment against actual costs incurred for staff, labour, plant, materials and subcontractors (or Third Parties) in delivering the works. For delivering the works, […]

Pain Gain Share “oh yes there is’ … ‘oh no there isn’t”

A ‘pain/gain share’ contract involves a risk and reward compensation regime; the parties (Highways England and their contractor) share in the financial “gain” of a project’s success or the financial “pain” of a project’s underachievement.  Both parties to the contract therefore have a shared interest in the project’s success – both have a financial incentive […]


Government contractor Kier has sold off its housebuilding arm to private equity baron Guy Hands in a cash deal worth £110million. The sale, subject to shareholders approval, will see the housing division wholly owned by Terra Firma under new brand Tilia Homes.  A statement to the stock market from Kier said the sale of its […]