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Altered Images – Tampering With Photographic Evidence

This post is unrelated to an early 1980’s Scottish new wave/post-punk band, fronted by singer Clare Grogan. When a Highways England contractor repairs damage, for example to a barrier, usually they take photographs of the pre-repair state and of the completed restoration (post-repair).  But are the images accurate, for the incident subject of the claim or […]

It is Official, the ICO states ‘DCP rates exist for Area 9’

We have long evidenced Kier Highways and Highways England acting in concert to charge Third Parties (drivers, fleets, hauliers or their insurers), contract non-complaint rates; making exaggerated claims utilising a contract non-compliant price list – a set of high DCP (Damage to Crown Property) rates.  Kier did so by engaging a contract non-complaint process, assisted […]

The Great British Rake-Off from Drivers, Fleets, Hauliers or their Insurers?

Kier Highways appear unable to justify uplifts they have been charging those unfortunate enough to cause damage to the highways.  We have been informing the contractor, their lawyers (Shakespeare Martineau / Corclaim) and Highways England that the contract was not being complied with from day one (07/2014).  However, our evidenced concerns were ignored or dismissed […]

Highways England Confession: ‘Claims Were Exaggerated by use of Unauthorised Uplifts’

Highways England cannot disclose repair ‘base rates’ also known as ‘actual’ or ‘defined’ cost,  as to do so would expose the extent of the overcharging for repairs of drivers, fleets, hauliers (or their insurers) they have enabled, permitted. In turn, they cannot agree on the existence of a ‘pain/gain share‘ with their contractor as this […]

Court finds Kier Highways Overcharged Third Party Insurers for Damage to Crown Property (DCP) Claims in the Name of Highways England

Highways England’s own expert agrees ‘sums claimed are too high’! The test-case hearing, initiated by the Authority (claiming against insurers) justified our 5-years of banging on the Authority’s door asking them to do no more than have their contractors comply with the contract – specifically the section designed to protect drivers, fleets, hauliers and insurers […]

Profiting from the Perils, Inconvenience & Financial Hardship of Those you Serve

Profiteering from a contract with Highways England by overcharging and/or misleading drivers, fleets, hauliers (or their insurers), referred to as ‘Third-Parties’, who cause damage to the Strategic Road Network (SRN): Why make your contractor play by the rules, preventing rip-off and profiteering when you can change the rules to allow the conduct to continue? For […]

200904 Highways England Accounts

2020 – the Authority’s accounts are now available and can be read here – 200900 Accounts Highways_England_Web_0709 But what can be believed of the content?  Once again, Matthew Kay, the NAO’s Senior Statutory Auditor has reported*.  Yet we have raised serious concerns about Mr Kay’s abilities, his note keeping and u-turn – read more here. […]

Kier’s Time Travelling Crash Cushion

Doctor What? … the paperwork it seems … Kier Highways Ltd develops a crash cushion able to be in two places at once. At noon a Kier Crash-Cushion HX67WRF left the depot to attend an incident for some 2 hours 45 minutes: The vehicle appears to have contained anything from one to 4 operatives.   But […]