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Responses, Reviews &/or Appeals folksinging Freedom of Information Act requests

National Highways Blame Insurers for Process Failure

First it was Kier Highways claiming that their 10/2015 profiteering process was agreed with insurers.  One company they named denied any knowledge of such an arrangement. Then, 06/2019, having launched their  ‘NSoRC’ (National Schedule of Repair Costs), the process failed and was abandoned 31/10/2019.  The NSoRC was to be it; “In a sense it’s not […]

Birmingham City Council Contradictions

Birmingham City Council (BCC) and their road fiasco continues after the termination of Amey’s contract and appointment of Kier Highways (Kier). Concerns about BCC and Kier’s conduct when billing for damage-repairs to highways stem from an FoIA response in 2020; the response said Kier were not using their high schedule of rates to bill Third Parties, […]

Highways Authority Defies the ICO Refusing to Release Information

National Highways has refused to comply with the ICO’s Decision Notice and is withholding Third Party charging information they were directed to disclose, appealing the ICO’s decision such that, in the meantime, they are not required to disclose what is held by their contractor.  For years, the Authority failed those they were to serve and […]

210902 ICO Orders National Highways to Release Information – Again!

Another inappropriate obstruction to the disclosure of information by National Highways is eventually seen through by the ICO; the request was NOT vexatious!  The 02/09/2021 Decision Notice (DN), IC-80576-H6C5, comes hot on the heals of a 16/08/2021 DN requiring the Authority to release information about Kier Highways claims. This latest DN relates to uncovering who, […]

National Highways (Highways England) & DfT’s Increasing legal Spend

‘A series of freedom of Information (FOI) requests submitted to government departments and arm’s length government bodies has revealed that spending on legal fees has increased faster within the Department for Transport (DfT) and National Highways (Highways England) than any other organisation contacted’, source – New Civil Engineer. National Highways general counsel Tim Reardon* is […]

Highways England Ordered to Release Claims Information

‘Kier holds the requested information on Highways England’s behalf and therefore for the purposes of FOIA’ 16/08/2021: Following the ICO ‘s (Information Commissioner’s Office) May 2021 volt-face and acceptance DCP (Damage to Crown Property) rates exist, Highways England has now been ordered to disclose more information. The Authority was asked to disclose the Cost Breakdown […]

TfL and the ‘Odd’ Situation that sees Road Users Charged More than the Authority?

In some road maintenance/repair agreements between contractors and Authorities (Councils or Highways England), a kind of ‘excess’ situation exists, there are two regimes in operation to recover monies from those who damage the highway or ‘street furniture’ (barriers, traffic lights, guard rails etc.): Where the costs are under £10,000 the contractor undertakes the repairs and […]

Bad News! CMA are Instructed

16/06/2021 FoIA release.  Highways England’s email to their contractor, Kier Highways Ltd.: Possibly the time to seek explanations from the contractor was BEFORE paying the £66,000+ bill from the public purse? But, as with many cases involving Highways England, the concerns were not addressed, matters dragged on, the Authority seemingly unable to obtain explanations from […]

210622 – ICO Directs Birmingham City Council to Address an FoIA Request

Case Reference: IC-109653-H1M0 Freedom of Information Act 2000 Birmingham City Council reference: 21653889 Date of request: 15 April 2021 Dear Mr Swift, Thank you for your correspondence of 21 June 2021. I write concerning your complaint about the failure by Birmingham City Council to respond to the following information request: “If Kier is utilising CECA/KSoR rates, […]