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Category: Fires Spills or Debris

Bad News! CMA are Instructed

16/06/2021 FoIA release.  Highways England’s email to their contractor, Kier Highways Ltd.: Possibly the time to seek explanations from the contractor was BEFORE paying the £66,000+ bill from the public purse? But, as with many cases involving Highways England, the concerns were not addressed, matters dragged on, the Authority seemingly unable to obtain explanations from […]

Profiting from the Perils, Inconvenience & Financial Hardship of Those you Serve

Profiteering from a contract with Highways England by overcharging and/or misleading drivers, fleets, hauliers (or their insurers), referred to as ‘Third-Parties’, who cause damage to the Strategic Road Network (SRN): Why make your contractor play by the rules, preventing rip-off and profiteering when you can change the rules to allow the conduct to continue? For […]

Who is in charge?

It appears the Green Claims department at Highways England is not managed and struggling.   The ‘Green Claims’ team handle those claims the Authority makes against drivers who cause damage to the Strategic Road Network (SRN).  As opposed to Red Claims, which are where drivers make a claim against Highways England. An example of a Green […]

CCTV Request of Highways England

25/03/2020 – updated request for CCTV retention – read more here.  CCTV Cameras – Map England – For a map of traffic cameras and lives traffic CLICK HERE – for camera locations, click on ‘Traffic Cameras’ from the map layers menu. Wales – The Welsh Government’s traffic information service for motorways and trunk roads in […]

Debris Only Removed When It Causes Crash?

Can it really be the case that debris is actually left in situ’ until a potentially life-threatening collision occurs at the location – which then causes the rubbish to be removed? We are aware that such debris clearance occurs – that it is done in tandem with a repair.  The cost is then incorporated within […]