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Category: Birmingham Council

Kier Rates: ‘Codes, Descriptions & Pricing are Not CECA’

When presented Kier’s schedule of costs for ‘Traffic Management Materials’ displaying reference to CECA, the Civil Engineering Contractors Association explained: ‘the codes, descriptions and pricing shown on the attached documents have not come from or been produced by CECA‘ and were ‘at a complete loss as to whether they might have come from!‘ To review […]

210622 – ICO Directs Birmingham City Council to Address an FoIA Request

Case Reference: IC-109653-H1M0 Freedom of Information Act 2000 Birmingham City Council reference: 21653889 Date of request: 15 April 2021 Dear Mr Swift, Thank you for your correspondence of 21 June 2021. I write concerning your complaint about the failure by Birmingham City Council to respond to the following information request: “If Kier is utilising CECA/KSoR rates, […]