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Area 10 managers between 2012 and 05/2019, Balfour Beatty Mott MacDonald (BBMM) and their use of CECA rates for sub-threshold (£10,000) claims to Third Parties (drivers, fleets, hauliers &/or insurers) and a much lower schedule of ‘DCP Rates’ (Damage to Crown Property) to their masters, Highways England

Highways England’s Mishandling of Claims

Since 2012, Highways England’s contractors have, to an extent, been operating below the radar; retaining ‘small claims’ recoveries, the sub-£10,000 costs for attendance and restoration following collisions, spills and fires – ‘DCP’ (damage to Crown property) matters.  1,000’s of claims were managed by Kier Highways and Balfour Beatty Mott MacDonald (BBMM) who charged drivers, fleets, […]

Highways England; Out of Arguable FoIA exemptions?

12/04/2021 an Information tribunal upholds our appeal, the judge writing: ‘I am unable to agree with the Commissioner that HE was correct when it said there was no further information held within the scope of the request.’ Years of seeking the information, six Highways England witnesses, their lawyers and counsel all to try and hide […]

State enabled exaggeration and fraud on an industrial scale

1983 … in Superman III, Gus Gorman (Richard Pryor) receives his first payslip for $143.80.  A colleague comments his salary probably includes a half-cent extra due to taxes and other calculations.  Gus writes a program on the company system gathering up all of these fractions of a cent making them payable to him – he […]

Who is in charge?

It appears the Green Claims department at Highways England is not managed and struggling.   The ‘Green Claims’ team handle those claims the Authority makes against drivers who cause damage to the Strategic Road Network (SRN).  As opposed to Red Claims, which are where drivers make a claim against Highways England. An example of a Green […]

Misunderstanding Transparency

31/10/2019 Highways England reports: ‘We do not have schedules of rates for the unplanned/emergency repairs specified in those contracts’. This is incorrect – the Authority does have schedules of rates ‘This lack of transparency led to concerns in the insurance industry that drivers and insurers were not being correctly charged for repairs’. This is incorrect […]

Highways England Reverts to Unreasonable Rates for DCP Works

Seemingly unable to find a single schedule of Damage to Crown Property (DCP) rates in 2018 for any of their Asset Support Contracts (since 2012), in 2019, Highways England compiled the NSoRC – National Schedule of Repair Costs.  Not just any schedule, but a ‘reasonable‘ set of rates to be applied across all Areas. How […]

200106 NOT Vexatious (again)

06/01/2020 ICO rejects Highway England’s exemption: In 2016 the Chief Executive Officer of Highway England, Jim O’Sullivan’, wrote:  ‘Thanks for your note. I also want to ensure that drivers only pay appropriately for the damage they do to Crown property. I’m sure the current process could be simpler and I know [named individual] and [named […]

Highways England Drives Claim Costs Up

11/2019 – Highways England Drives Claim Costs Up Whilst we understand the feedback from the NSoRC is being considered, it appears Highways England’s management has decided upon a different, aggressive, means by which to address their poor recovery rate … issue proceedings on every claim for which repair costs have been finalised. Read more here.

Balfour Beatty Mott MacDonald or Highways England False?

To Highways England: ‘It appears either the information you are providing me is incorrect or your witness, a BBMM employee, has made incorrect statements to a Judge, specifically HH Godsmark to whose Judgement I have referred you.’ In Area 10, managed by BBMM to 04/2019, the Authority say they have no price list for what […]