ASC & DCP Rates

02/08/2019 CRS Ref. 770,722 (WDTH site)

From Highways England (full response – 190802 FoI 770722)

‘The schedules of rates specified in the ASCs are not used to work out the Defined Cost, or for assessing the reasonable cost of repair in respect of third party claims, whether above or below £10,000.’

04/02/2020 (FoIA response) IR 100236      

Further clarification:

In Asset Support Contract (ASC) the tendered contract rates are contained in the Pricing Schedule and used to set Target Prices for schemes and estimate third party claims work to establish if they are above or below the threshold.

Jonathan Drysdale
Freedom of Information Officer (HE)

04/02/2020 (FoIA response

There is no schedule of rates for third party claim costs in ASCs. Neither the third party nor Highways England are billed on the basis of the tendered schedule of rates.

03/06/2020 email regarding a claim:

The schedule provided is the scheme rates for barrier repairs and TM under the area 10 ASC contract