Area 9 Annex 23 Requirements

Area 9 Asset Support Contract
Service Information
Annex 23 – Third Party Claims

  • 23.4 Green Claims where the claim is the responsibility of the Provider –
    Action by Provider
  • 23.4.1 The Provider issues a letter of intent to claim to the responsible third party (or their insurers).
  • 23.4.2 The Provider conducts such further correspondence with the third party (or his insurers) in pursuit of the claim as is required.
  • 23.4.3 When requested by the responsible third party (or their insurers as the case may be) or instructed by the Service Manager, the Provider provides the
    responsible third party (or their insurers as the case may be) with a calculation of Third Party Claims Defined Costs and resulting Third Party Claims Overhead.
  • 23.4.4 The Provider does not seek to claim more than the amount calculated in accordance with the principles set out in Appendix A to this Annex.
  • 23.4.5 The Provider keeps records and submits statements in accordance with
    clauses 87.4 and 87.5 of the conditions of contract.