210528 Area 7, Amey & ‘Spread Book’ with regard to DCP Works

A request regarding Damage to Crown Property attendance and repair billing to Highways England in Area 7.

28/05/2021 response here on WhatDoTheyKnow.com:

  1. Explain ‘spread book’ in the context of charges presented by Amey to Highways England following damage to the SRN

‘Spread book’ in the context of charges presented by Amey to Highways England following damage to SRN is a mechanism which allows allocation of a proportion of the management costs to individual jobs.

In accordance with the conditions of contract the amount due to the Contractor is based on Defined Cost and this methodology follows the contractual principles.

  1. Provide the information relating to ‘spread book’, ‘adjustments’ and ‘credits’

 ‘Spread book’ has been explained in the response to question 1. ‘Adjustments’ and ‘credits’ are dealt with through the check and challenge process against each individual job, however, not all jobs will require ‘adjustments’ and ‘credits’    

  1. provide the information relating to your stated inability to recover overpayments to Amey, why Highways England can do nothing about it

 Highways England do have the ability to recover overpayments in contracts where they have been identified as being paid in error.

I understand your staff have raised issues (made the point) about white collar staff Amey being contractually allowed to ‘spread book’, that handlers/HE cannot question it. Seemingly, the response is it is just a case of “it is white collar”, an ongoing issue & another case of having to make adjustments. Please:

  1. Explain the term ‘white collar’ in this context

 The term ‘white collar’ in this context, refers to Contractors management staff who are office based

 provide the internal concerns raised about the above conduct

 As far as we are aware there have been no formal internal concerns raised about the above conduct, therefore the information you have requested falls under Section 1(1)(a) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 as information not held by Highways England.

  1. Which other areas / contracts are subject to the ‘spread book’ arrangement

 As far as we are aware, no other Asset Delivery Areas/Asset Delivery Contracts have adopted this approach yet.