As Area 10 passes from Balfour Beatty Mott MacDonald (BBMM) today, we post the VRM’s, make and models of vehicles that are commonly seen associated with BBMM claims.  We have also added the hourly rates charged to Highways England, the DCP rates.

Whilst Third Parties (Drivers, fleets, hauliers and insurers) are subject to CECA rates, Highways England are charged using ‘mates rates’, the lower costs we have today placed on-line.

BBMM have repeatedly refused to provide us with their schedule of DCP Rates referring us to the above-threshold (£10,000) claims we handle and that these display the figures. However, comparing operative, VRM and material costs against another incident on which differing details will likely appear is hardly best practice or helpful.  The conduct appears intended to obstruct … and when you see the difference being charged, possibly the reason is obvious!

  • BBMM will say that there is no better set of rates to use, no other set; really?  That is not what was discussed with Highway England at the commencement of the contract.
  • BBMM claim that Third Parties cannot use the DCP Rates Highways England are charged by, a schedule of agreed rates, because these are supplemented (reduced) by the Lump-Sum duty Highways England pay them each month.  Really; Highway England tell us that the lump-sum duty applies to ‘untraced culprits’ which clearly Third Parties are not – they are a traced party to whom a demand is sent.
  • BBMM have stated CECA rates are appropriate for Third Parties, that this was agreed with Highway England.  If so, the agreement appears to have been a casual one, to date, no one has been able to lay their hands on any formal information in support of the process.  The information is ‘not held’ (the request to a Tribunal).
  • BBMM charge for incident attendance however, they have disclosed that, according to the contract, this aspect IS addressed by the lump-sum payment … but apparently there was a change that made BBMM responsible.  Another aspect of the contract that has yet to surface!

Vehicle (‘plant’) rates can be found here – Area 10 Plant 2017 & 2018



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