Appendix A to Annex 23 – the Public’s Protection from Profiteering

What good is a shield if its existence is unknown?

The section of the contract National Highways kept from the very people who required it and which, coincidentally, Kier did not comply with from day one of the contract.  the Appendix sets out a simple equation to reach the MAXIMUM a driver, fleet, haulier or their insurer (Third-Party) is to be charged:

Defined Cost (£) + uplift (%) = maximum (£)
  • Defined Cost was to be the same to the Authority and a Third Party – these figures had been established but National Highways since at least 2015 (though until 2020 they claimed these rates did not exist)
  • Uplift was set in the contract; 25.29%.  What was the point of the uplift of it was never to be applied, never utilized, not added to the ‘defined costs’?


The amount to be claimed is no more than: total DEFINED COST (£) + TPCO (%)