220309 FoIA Request for Kier Exchanges re EA/2021/0257

From: FOIAdvice@nationalhighways.co.uk>
Sent: 11 March 2022 15:54

Subject: RE: Internal Review Reference – IR 101224/IC-48280-N2N3 EA/2021/0257

Dear Mr Swift,

Thank your for your e-mail of the 9 March 2022.

I am just getting in touch to confirm that we have logged points 2, 3 and 4 of your e-mail, copied below for ease of reference, as a new Freedom of Information request.

  • 2. The approaches National Highways have made to Kier for said information and the replies received since 01/07/2020 (the date of the request). This will obviously capture the latest requests/demands.
  • 3. The extract(s) from your contract with Kier, Area 9, that addresses;
  • a. information and documentation retention, disposal and provision requirements –the authority, reasons and ability to delete electronic records such that they cannot be located or recovered.
    b. the systems for storage of electronic records and the agreement with regard to retention and deletion
  • 4. What is the arrangement between National highways and Kier that enables, or prevents, you being provided information promptly?

The reference for this request is FOI/3373 and the current due date is 6 April 2022 which is subject to change should you add to or update any part of your request.

I can also confirm that the rest of your e-mail will be dealt with in the normal course of business.

Kind Regards

Jonathan Drysdale
Freedom of Information Officer (NH)
Digital Services
National Highways | Piccadilly Gate | Store Street | Manchester | M1 2WD

06/04/2022 from National Highways

Kier – Area 9

We are writing to advise you that the time-limit for responding to your request for information which we received on 09/03/2022 needs to be extended.
In the case of your request, we must extend the time limit by approximately 20 working days because the information requested must be considered under one or more of the exemptions to which the public interest test applies. This extra time is needed in order to make a determination as to the public interest.
The specific exemption which applies in relation to your request is Section 42 – legal professional privilege and we consider these to apply because portions of the correspondence you have requested constitute Advice privilege
We hope to let you have a response by 6 May 2022.
Please remember to quote reference number FOI/3373 in any future communications about this response.

Kind regards

FOI Advice