Case Reference: IC-109653-H1M0

Freedom of Information Act 2000
Birmingham City Council reference: 21653889
Date of request: 15 April 2021

Dear Mr Swift,

Thank you for your correspondence of 21 June 2021.

I write concerning your complaint about the failure by Birmingham City Council to respond to the following information request:

“If Kier is utilising CECA/KSoR rates, as they are, not only are they acting contrary to your stated arrangement, these rates are not commercially sensitive as they are publicly available and could be disclosed.

If CECA/KSoR rates were submitted at tender (and the utilised rates were said to be those tendered), again, they could and should be disclosed.

It appears Kier submitted one set of rates at tender but are now utilising another; that the rates you are withholding, provided at tender for damage repairs are NOT CECA/KSoR rates ergo, your previous response is not correct or Kier are not complying with the contract.

As you have unequivocally stated Kier are not using CECA rates, but they are, clearly something is amiss.

The above requires clarification, transparency if only to remove any suspicion of impropriety that may arise from the contradictions. I await this.”

I have contacted Birmingham City Council and asked it to respond to your request within 10 working days. If it fails to do this, a decision notice will be issued requiring it to respond to your request.

I will contact you again in due course. If in the meantime you receive a response from Birmingham City Council to your request, please let us know.


To view the charges being presented to drivers, fleets and haulier (or their insurers) , click here.

But is Kier Highways also misrepresenting the rates as ‘CECA’?  Read more here.


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