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Month: August 2019

Highways England – 2 Years for an ‘Urgent’ reply?

Rates that were the subject of ‘a lot of effort’ by the Authority in late 2016 and in respect of which we wrote in 2017, are finally (2019) being considered by Highways  England who is attempting to introduce a ‘National Schedule of Repair Costs for Network Damage (Green Claims)‘.  So far, 3 months, 3 versions! […]

Highways England Mislead … again

Highway England state none of their ASC (contracts) has a schedule of defined costs. 8/04/2019 A FoIA request @ WDTK received the reply: As none of the ASCs contain schedules of rates, and Highways England considers that the lack of transparency applies equally to above threshold claims (i.e. those above £10,000) claims as well as claims […]

Claim Charge Chaos

A month after posting their new Damage to Crown Property (DCP) rates for Third Parties (drivers, fleets, hauliers and their insurers), Highways England has already increased many! After years of raising concerns about contractor pricing methodologies, it is only now when we see the Public Authority taking more and more claims in-house, that we encounter […]

BBMM Wanting Their Cake & to Eat It

2012 to 2019 BBMM Area 10 claims saw the contractor use CECA rates when billing Third Parties (drivers, fleets, hauliers & insurers) on claims under £10,000 but ‘mates rates’ (far lower figures) when invoicing Highways England for attendance & repair when the bill was over £10,000.  Same operatives, plant and materials … differing rates.  Why? […]