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Month: June 2019

Area 10 BBMM DCP Rates

Area 10 was managed by Balfour Beatty Mott MacDonald (BBMM) since 2012.  They kept the contract until 04/2019, reportedly stating they would ‘do minimum (24/01/2013): Balfour Beatty/ Mott MacDonald to work to letter of Highways Agency contract. Fears that the Highways Agency’s new maintenance contracts spell doom for the condition of England’s motorways and trunk […]

New Charging Process for Damage to Crown Property (DCP)

24/06/2019 from Highways England ‘We are introducing a new way of determining the reasonable cost of the repair work covered by a claim using a new National Schedule of Repair Costs (“the Schedule”). We are introducing this Schedule for all Asset Delivery and ASC Areas (other than where there is a DBFO in operation) from […]

National Audit Office Contradict Highways England – DCP Rates Exist!

Until 11/2018, those wishing to be provided damage to Crown property (DCP) rates used in Asset Support Contracts (ASC’s), were obstructed by use of the ‘commercially sensitive’ exemption. Persistent requests or requestors were deemed vexatious.  However, when a Highways England employee (embarrassingly?) stated to a Tribunal these rates were NOT sensitive, it should have seen […]

Highways England – Who is Telling the Truth?

“Contradictions do not exist. Whenever you think you are facing a contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong“. Ayn Rand Area 10 – Balfour Beatty Mott MacDonald (BBMM) Highways England say: there is NOT a schedule of rates for above threshold (£10,000) claims (source) Highways England’s witness, a former […]

05/02/2019 To BBMM re CECA and Rates to Third Parties

05/02/2018 To: Catherine Howie @ bbmmjv.com Brian Read @ bbmmjv.com; Jason Worthington @ bbmmjv.com; Mercer David @ balfourbeatty.com; Wendy Allen @ bbmmjv.com Subject: RE: Your ref 55712 BM, our ref W04A853 Dear Catherine I have commenced a review of the correspondence / claims related to the BBMM-jv. Please could you return to me asap with […]