200802 Image Alteration Complaint

08/02/2020 17:25
To: ha_info@highways.gsi.gov.uk

Subject: COMPLAINT Image tampering & Further Intimidation – our ref X01A304 your ref: HE112/009/SG1119

Dear Sirs,

In March 2019, I raised a concern about suspected image tampering with your Green claims team. I sought an explanation for this conduct and the ‘completed’ images for an incident (one of over 20) at the same location. Despite repeated requests to your handler, I am without an explanation. It appears someone, a contractor, possibly Highways England staff, have altered an image of a repair. This conduct gives rise to suspicion, it should not occur.

Rather than investigate my concerns and provide me with an update, yesterday, I was the subject of yet another unwarranted attack on my integrity, aggressive correspondence, at your instigation. Your lawyers have written with regard to my allegation images in this claim have been tampered with:

Again, you have provided no evidence in support of this.
Our client reserves all rights against you in relation to these unfounded and defamatory comments.

I have provided evidence. I will not be intimidated into withdrawing my concerns. I standby my writing, which you have had ample time to refute or undermine (if inaccurate – which I do not believe to be the case). I have made justified comments and evidenced these. My enquiries could be repeated by yourselves if there is in fact any doubt my concerns are mistaken. Once again, you take to ‘attack’, rather than explanation.

The information, which I trust clearly highlights the concerns, now appears here: https://www.englandhighways.co.uk/image-tampering/.

I am now formerly making a complaint regarding

1. the image-altering conduct. I am seeking an explanation and an update with regard to the investigation of this behaviour. I ask to be provided all information associated with the relevant dates presented at the above link. If this is not to be provided in the ordinary course of business, please advise and I will present as an FoIA request at whatdotheyknow.com

2. your bullying conduct, to the allegation I have made unfounded and defamatory statements.

Yours faithfully,