We have recently provided a list of documents we believe you should secure before paying any demand from Kier Highways, Highways England or their lawyers.  Here is just one example of why you need the information:

  • 2017 – an incident occurred – £13,000 to repair, the sum paid (seemingly without thought) to Kier Highways by Highways England
  • the Authority made a demand for repayment of the £13,000
  • 2018 we were instructed and sought information fro the Authority.  The sum claimed was obviously excessive
  • 2019 Highways England failed to provide information
  • we recalculated – £5,000 appeared reasonable and payment was made
  • Highways England instructed Knights solicitors who added £2,000 in interest
  • We continued to seek information – the claim was exaggerated
  • Knights returned their file to HE, who (again) sought the monies
  • We (again) explained the claim value was incorrect

We were correct:

  • Kier and Highways England agreed – at least £3,200 overstated

The claim was re-priced, the reductions being set out … but we are suspicious of these:

  • all the pertinent overstatements involved doubling of the charges
  • the operatives reduced in cost appeared on the excel spreadsheet ‘total’ demand but not on any allocation correspondence
  • no time sheets had been provided for any of the operatives 
  • the plant reduced in cost appeared on the excel spreadsheet ‘total’ but not on any other correspondence
  • no Daily Allocation Sheet (DAS) had been provided for the plant

We wish to understand how operatives and plant were allocated for full 12-hours shifts suspecting they also attended other incidents/works and were charged to these also.  The operatives timesheets must surely have set out all their activities for the night … yet their entire shift was allocated to one incident … now found to be incorrect.

Doubling the charges, on two nights of costs, appears contrived.  We shall see.  Read more here.


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