191025 Highways England Demand Letter

25/10/2019 from Highways England to Insurers: 

Dear Sirs,


Date: 29-Sep-2019

Highways England Company Ltd (“Highways England”) is the highway authority for the above-mentioned motorway. An incident occurred at the above location which caused damage to Highways England’s property.

We have been informed that vehicle registration number (redacted) was involved in this incident. We consider that the driver of that vehicle caused and or contributed to the damage.

Highways England seeks to recover the costs incurred. The vehicle in question is believed to have been insured with you at the time of the incident under the above-mentioned policy/reference number. Please confirm that you will indemnify the insured vehicle, and if there are any limitations to that indemnity.

Please also confirm that liability for the incident is accepted – if it is not, then please advise as to your position, so that this can be established in early course. If liability is denied, we will take further steps to consolidate liability evidence which may increase the overall costs associated with this incident.

Please note that Highways England has no agreement with insurance companies whereby claims for damage to its property may be shared on a compromise basis. There is no insurance cover in force as Highways England bears its own responsibilities. Highways England is registered for VAT purposes.

At this stage, we are not able to provide a precise indication of the costs Highways England has and/ or will incur in dealing with this incident. As you will appreciate it may take some time for costs to be finalised – this information will be provided as soon as possible. The costs incurred have no bearing on the way in which liability for the incident itself will be apportioned so this is not a reason to delay resolution of liability issues.

Please confirm receipt of this letter within 7 days of its date, and your position on liability and indemnity within 28 days of its date.

Please ensure that our reference number is quoted in all correspondence and payments.

Yours faithfully,

Stephen Jackson
Highways England | The Cube | 199 Wharfside Street | Birmingham | B1 1RN
Tel: +44 (0) 300 4703111
Web: https://highwaysengland.co.uk
GTN: 0300 470 3111