190802 ASC Rates ARE NOT Used To Work Out The Defined Cost

On the one hand (below), ASC rates are NOT used to estimate third-party claims work to establish if they are above or below the threshold, on the other they ARE. 

02/08/2019 FoIA response from Highways England:

The process for administering Third Party Claims is covered in Annex 23 Third Party

The principles under Appendix A of ASC identify three heads of cost items (a, b and c) which are established by assessing Defined Costs (i.e. in effect the actual cost of a given incident) and four items (d,e,f and g) are included in the Third Party Claims Overhead which is a percentage applied to the sum of a+b+c.

However, even where the ASC specifies that the repair work is to be charged by reference to the Defined Cost plus overhead, there is no schedule of defined costs. Each case is treated on its own merits i.e. the Defined Cost being the cost to the service provider of inspecting the damage and having the repair carried out.

ASCs require the service provider to undertake repairs and to recover the costs directly from third parties in respect of claims under £10,000. The work involved in an emergency response is determined by the nature, scale and urgency of the incident and repair, and consequently the repair costs are a bespoke calculation.

  • The schedules of rates specified in the ASCs are not used to work out the Defined Cost,
    or for assessing the reasonable cost of repair in respect of third party claims, whether
    above or below £10,000.

We are not aware of, and do not hold, any supporting documents used to aid the
calculations. As stated above the calculation for each repair cost is a bespoke

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