190704 Extract from NSORC Conversation

04/07/2019.  We explained, we thought the Authority had misunderstood, come from the wrong perspective, that there are two processes under the ASC; under £10k and over £10k:

“a. Under £10k the issue has not been transparency with regard to the work that’s been done but it’s transparency with regard to the rates and how they’ve been calculated and the fact that they’ve not been applied in relation to the contract.

b. Over £10,000 where they’re billed to Highways England, we very rarely have an issue with the rates. The problem we have, or what we’ve sought to do is to confirm you’ve applied the right rates, those appropriate to the date and time.

The rates themselves are generally reasonable, we consider them to be reasonable. The problem you’ve got over £10,000 is the

    • cock-ups, for want of a better word, by your contractor in billing and
    • the duplication of charges, incorrect charges because they’re rubber-stamped for payment.

It’s the process thing, I believe, with Highways England that they need to get right but which I’ve effectively been told is, is too, too costly.

So, coming at this from a, ‘it’s the rates that is the problem’ is not entirely correct.

Below £10,000, we know what the rates should be, they’re just not used and there’s intransigence and obstruction to stop us making sure the appropriate payments are made.

Over £10,000 the issue is your end and this is my understanding, from my experience, and that is you’re paying too much.”