160622 DCP Electronic Costs Transfer Monthly

22/06/2016 Re Kier Highways Ltd – Area 13

From: @highwaysengland.co.uk
Subject: HE112/013/Sg153 Your ref TO8C128

Dear Mr Swift,

Full details of our claim are attached, along with supporting documentation and photographs (

The Police did not attend this incident, and neither a Traffic Officer’s Incident Report Form, or an Incident attendance Log are available. The attached photographs evidence that your insured’s vehicle was recovered at the scene of the incident.

We will not engage in prolonged correspondence over Kier 1153.

Our Managing Agents advise;

All of the final accounts that come from Area 13 are purely and simply the costs that have been booked to the incident in the course of the repair, with the exception of any additional items which were not costed separately for whatever reason, but needed to be included (and are noted on the final account sheets as ‘transfers’). Therefore the 1153 methodology does not apply to any of our final accounts.

Operatives book their time electronically to incidents, negating the requirement for timesheets (this is for reporting, billing and efficiency reasons).

Costs then transfer into our billing system which is submitted to the HE every month for payment.

An extract for each incident is produced from this report, in an Excel spreadsheet format, which is what is submitted as our final account. As such, individual ‘hard copy’ timesheets are not produced.

The 4.5% fee percentage was agreed in a commercially tendered contact and includes EM allowances for overheads such as office fixed and variable costs (electric, water, rent, consumables) etc. The contract itself is a commercially sensitive document.


Case Officer
Highways England | The Cube | 199 Wharfside Street | Birmingham | B1 1RN

Note: £26k claim settled at £19k due to overstatement