Highways England Contradictions

Court proceedings are being issued in the name of the Public Authority Highways England by lawyers, Shakespeare Martineau (SHMA) who are instructed by Kier Highways Ltd (KHL).  Demands from KHL are being resisted 

Initially we were advised by Highway England that SHMA did not act for them. Then were told ‘they do’.  Click here to read about more associated contradictions.

Highways England have also informed us that they have told SHMA all matters are ‘on hold’. But it appears either SHMA are not listening or they are ignoring Highways England – proceedings are still be issued with Highways England apparently exasperated by this ‘ ‘their ‘ lawyers not doing as they are told by their client! 

These claims follow disputes about the sums KHL are seeking following their repairs to roads after collisions.  The invoices are considered to have been incorrectly calculated, excessive.  Rather than explain the bills, questions are being ignored and matters progressing to Court – over 100 of them.  More than one party has complained to the Public Authority about KHL’s costs and Highways England’s auditors KPMG* are said to be reviewing Area 9. However, it appears the outcome is a foregone conclusion; the allegations unfounded (click here to read more) 

More about the proceedings and Highways England’s inability to provide reliable response can be found here – Authority to Act.  Once again, it appears the tail wags the dog.

*KPMG are also associated with Carillion and were linked to Mouchel (KHL were formerly EM Highways)

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