Tyre Related Claims

BANG! … a tyre bursts … your fault? Highways England and their contractors will probably say so.  For years they have been claiming that most blow-outs are the fault of poor maintenance, of under-inflation and blaming drivers.

But 04/2018 – a Bridgestone & Highways England tyre debris study reveals the most common cause of a tyre related breakdown is … road hazards i.e. debris …

24/04/2018 – Tyre-related deaths and injuries preventable say Highways England and Bridgestone. Highways England press release – Bridgestone & Highways England reveal tyre debris study.

The findings from 1,035 tyre segments retrieved from the M1, M6, M40, M5 and M42 revealed:

  • 56% of tyres failed due to road/yard debris penetration
  • 18% failed due to poor inflation
  • 8% failed due to poor vehicle maintenance
  • 1% of tyres failed due to manufacturing defects
  • 1% of tyres failed due to excessive heat
  • 16% of the tyres couldn’t be specified to one particular problem

It is more than twice as likely your blow-out results from debris than from poor maintenance; tyres and inflation = 26% whereas debris = 56%.

That  HETO staff, Highways England patrols, were able to recover of 1,000 pieces of tyre from our roads tells its own story – we, the tax-payer, make lumpsum payments to contractors to clear this detritus form the roads … and do they do it?

Some appear only to do so when you burst causes a loss of control and you stricke Crown property, such as a barrier.  Then they move in to repair and will clean the debris … the irony; the debris that caused your incident is cleaned only because of your incident . Why?

Kier Highways told us ‘it costs money’ – to read more click here.  Highways England have understood there exists a problem for some time, their customer service director Melanie Clarke advising in 03/2017:

Cleaning motorways is expensive and time-consuming, and it is the innocent drivers who suffer. The money needed to clear litter comes out of their pockets and they are the ones who suffer the consequences if an item of litter causes a puncture, or a collision which closes a carriageway. (source – Highways: click here). 

Are HETO vehicles well maintained, tyre pressures checked regularly?   Guess how many tyre related incidents occurred during 2014 in the NW Region … 2014-NW-region-tyre-data (2) … about 2 every working day … 299!