Kier Highways Alert – Systematic State-Enabled Exaggeration

To understand the basic process of billing, please click here.

It appears Highways England are again seeking to keep information from the public they should be serving.  This time providing a non-specific response to a Freedom of information request at WhatDoTheyKnow the specific request titled: Kier Highways Ltd INCIDENT RESPONSE.

Anyone receiving a Kier Highways Ltd (Kier) demand for payment in Area 9 (West Midlands) needs first to read the ‘rules’ that should be applied when billing, a brief document – Appendix A to Annex 23 – within the contract.  Then, ask Kier and Highways England ‘has the Appendix been complied with?’.

The answer is ‘NO‘ so expect avoidance. For comment upon the above FoIA request and more information about the systematic exaggeration on an industrial scale, click here.

The subjects considered include:

  • Appendix A to Annex 23
  • FoIA – Kier highways ltd incident response
  • Claim considerations
  • Contract
  • AIW cost
  • Uplift / multiplier
  • Planning
  • Base rates
  • Have Highways England lost control?










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