1983 … in Superman III, Gus Gorman (Richard Pryor) receives his first payslip for $143.80.  A colleague comments his salary probably includes a half-cent extra due to taxes and other calculations.  Gus writes a program on the company system gathering up all of these fractions of a cent making them payable to him – he receives $85,789.90 … many small misdemeanours are less likely to be noticed*

Précis of state enabled exaggeration and fraud on an industrial scale – deceiving Third Parties & Courts

Concerns about claims made by Highways England or their contractors against Third Parties, following Damage to Crown Property (DCP) i.e. a vehicle strikes and damages a roadside barrier. It is important to be aware the recovery process is dependent upon the initial estimate of costs.  If repair costs are likely to be:

  • below £10,000, the contractor is responsible for recovering repair costs itself from the driver/insurer
  • above £10,000, the contractor recovers costs from the Authority who seeks recovery from the driver/insurer

but the contractor uses ‘mates rates’ when billing Highways England and a much higher one when billing Third Parties; drivers, fleets, hauliers and insurers.

It appears the Authority will go to great lengths to keep the rates secret, to prevent those receiving demands made in the name of Highway England understanding by just how much they have been fleeced.

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*the company’s accountants notice the sudden loss of funds and finger Gus the next day when he nonchalantly drives his new Ferrari to work.

In the case of Kier, there is no one to account to, no one monitoring their activity – or if they are, the monitors appear to be turning a blind eye. 


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