Risk of Motorway Chaos

Wombles* Want Wonga

Risk of motorway chaos as Highways Agency workers vote for industrial action over 1% pay rise (source Birmingham Live).

Understood to earn less than £30,000 / annum, this puts them substantially behind contractors working the motorways who earn in excess of £40,000 … more if you believe the figures their management present (AIW & Salary – 2014)

But spare a thought for Highway England’s CEO; if he too subject to this 1% imposition, he will only benefit by about £4,000 / annum. Last year saw him handed a pay rise of £35,000 bringing his salary to £402,000 source – Daily Mail.

*’Wombles’ source: https://www.theguardian.com/public-leaders-network/2016/nov/19/highways-england-traffic-officer-wombles-jeremy-clarkson-cars-motorway

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