Are our contractors too quick to resurface, an activity that:

  • is costly
  • causes extended delays to traffic?

We believe the answer to be ‘yes’.  When we raised this with the legal representatives of a contractor, questioning why cleansing was not considered, the reply was:

  • “Cleaning is considered. 
  • There are more incidents where the highway surface engineers show up and DO NOT order resurfacing than where they DO order resurfacing. 
  • It’s not the resurfacing contractor who decides to resurface, it is an independent body concerned with the state of the road surface and safety.”

So there you have it; if re-surfacing has been undertaken, you need to determine who the ‘independent body concerned with the state of the road’ is and to request a copy of their attendance and consideration notes together with their direction to resurface – it appears you will need to identify just who these ‘highway surface engineers’ are. 

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